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Meeting of LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai held in Ludhiana, 20.01.20

February 7, 2020

A meeting of LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai was held in Ludhiana, on 20th of January, 2020, which was presided over by LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai President Mrs. ArchanaJain (Hoshiarpur), & the proceedings were conducted by LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai Gen. Sec. Mrs. Seema Dhumal (Jalandhar). Following wonem entrepreneurs were also present:
1. Ms.Ruchika Dhall     --    Ludhiana;
2. Mrs.Jasleen Seehra   --    Jalandhar;
3. Mrs.Malika Dhall       --    Ludhiana;
4. Mrs.Rajni Aggarwal    --   Jalandhar.

All India LUB Vice-President Mr. Dinesh Lakra, LUB-Punjab Advisor/Patron Mr. Lalit Sharma, LUB-Punjab Vice-President Mr. Surender Dhall & LUB-Punjab Secretary Mr. Rajiv Jain were specifically present.

This was the third LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai meeting, after its formal-constitution in February, 2018, in the prant-level Laghu Udyammi Sammellan, held in Jalandhar on 24/02/2019, in the auspicious presence of the then All India LUB-President Mr. Jitender ji Gupt. First, meeting was also held in Jalandhar on 23/03/2019 (where conveners for Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur & Phagwara were appointed in the presence of All India LUB Mahila-ikaai President Mrs. Smita ji Ghaisis & All India LUB working committee member Mrs.Anju ji Bajaj), second meeting was held in Hoshiarpur on 02/10/2019, & there the topic of discussion was, the adverse effects of single use plastic. LUB-Hoshiarpur Gen. Sec. Mr. Amit Goyal was the expert speaker on this topic there.                     

Mrs. Archana Jain & Mrs. Seema Dhumal shared their experience about the Nagpur AGM of August, 2019. They both were of the opinion that, women entrepreneurs are few in North-western states, especially in MSME sector, & it would take a herculeun task, first to find them & then motivate them to join LUB. LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai Gen. Sec. Mrs. Seema Dhumal also informed that, LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai has been instrumental in enrolling women-entrepreneurs with graamin-shilpi prakoshth in Himachal-Pradesh, & are keen to find such entrepreneurs in the suburbs around the cities in Punjab too, so that, this prakoshth could also be activated here, so that, the products being made by them could be provided the LUB-platform to be promoted for better marketing techniques. This would surely expand their business enterprises, elevate their living standards & encourage more & more such women-entrepreneurs to join LUB, get requisite know-how about the various govt.schemes which exist for the betterment of women-entrepreneurs & avail their benefits. For this LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai would be convening more & more such meetings throughout the Punjab, & appoint conveners there, so as to reach more & more women-enterpreneurs.

After that, Ms. Ruchika Dhall was appointed as the first Convener of LUB-Ludhiana mahila-ikaai. Mr. Dinesh Lakra also provided insight into the working of LUB, motive/aims behind its formation & its working in the present context. Mr. Lalit Sharma, Mr. Rajiv Jain & Mr. Surinder Dhall also assured all possible guidance & assistance to the newly formed LUB-Ludhiana mahila-ikaai.

News Courtesy,
President, Laghu Udyog Bharti – Punjab.

Meeting of LUB-Punjab mahila-ikaai held in Ludhiana: Photos

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