Annexure ‘IV’

Annexure 'IV' - ISO-9000 Form


Certificate from Chartered Accountant in respect of Proof of Expenditure incurred for acquiring ISO-9000/ISO – 14001

(on a C.A Letter Head) To Whom It May Concern

The documents & records of M/s._______________________________________with their Regd. office at __________________________________________and factory located at __________________________________________________and E.M. No.__________________________ dt. _________________)

in respect of the expenditure incurred by them in acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001 Certificate (or its equivalent) have been verified; and it is certified that the said company have incurred a total expenditure of Rs._____________ (Rupees _____________________ ____________________________________) towards ; Application fee; Assessment/Audit fee; Annual fee/Licence fee; Training; Calibration; and Technical Consultancy etc. (excluding hotel & travel expenses & Surveillance charges) in obtaining ISO-9000 /14001 from the Certification Agency namely_________________________________; as per the following details of payments:

Details of Payments (Name of Certification Agency/Orgn.) Amount paid(in Rupees)

  • Application Fee paid to ——————
  • Assessment/Audit Fee paid to ———————
  • Annual Fee/Licence Fee paid to ———————
  • Calibration charges paid to—————————-
  • Technical Consultancy charges paid to——————-
  • Training expenses paid to———————————-
  • Total ———————


    (Signature of the Chartered Accountant
    with Name CA Stamp
    & CA Membership Number)


    * Payments at (a),(b) & (c) above should be supported by copies of receipts of payments made to the Certification agency duly attested. The payment receipts must indicate the purpose for which the payments have been made to the Certification Agency.

    Note: Payments made to the Certification agency directly shall only be eligible for consideration of reimbursement.