Application Format for Claiming Reimbursement of Certification Charges of acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001 Certificate under the Incentive Scheme of O/o Development Commissioner (SSI), M/o Small Scale Industries, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011.

Application Format for Claiming Reimbursement - ISO-9000 Form


  • (a) Name and address of the unit [Office & Factory Location (s).] (b) Telephone No. Factory & Office (c) E-mail & Fax
  • Details of E.M. No.; date of issue; Directorate of Industries/ GM, DIC of the State concerned (Enclose an attested copy of all pages of SSI Registration Certificate)
  • Item (s) of manufacture/processing as indicated in the E.M.Certificate.
  • Proof of SSI status and functional status of the unit as on the date of submission of Application The following document(s) to be submitted
    • A certificate (in original) from State DI/GM,DIC confirming SSI and functional status of the unit at the time of acquiring ISO-9000/ ISO-14001 certificate; as on date as per Format at Annexure|.


    • An Affidavit (in original) from Managing Director/ Director/Proprietor/Partner of the SSI unit duly sworn before a Notary Public confirming SSI status and functionalstatus of the unit at the time of acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001 certificate; and as on date,( As per Format Annexure II) accompanied by CA certificate of the total investment in plant & machinery as on date (original purchase value) (As per Format Annexure III)


  • Details of ISO-9000/ISO-14001 Certificate Name and address of Certification agency; The Certificate must have address of the site/location certified; Scope of certification, Certificate No , date of issue & period of validity (or date of expiry), Name & Logo & Number of the Accreditation Body/Board. (Enclose an attested copy of the Certificate)

  • Details of expenditure incurred in acquiring ISO-9000/ ISO-14001 Certificate (excluding hotel & travel expenses & surveillance charges). Furnish a CA certificate of expenditure (in original) giving the details (as per the Format Annexure IV).

  • Details of reimbursement/grant/subsidy already received, if any, from Centre Govt (including DC(SSI)/State Govt./Financial Institution etc. for acquiring ISO-9000/ ISO-14001Certificate ( Furnish, an Undertaking/declaration (in original) from the Managing Director/Director/ Proprietor/ Partner of the SSI/ ancillary units duly sworn before Notary Public (as per the Format Annexure V)

  • Pre-receipt to be furnished as per Format at Annexure VI.


    I (full name) ……..,,S/o of ………. ……Managing Director/ Director/Proprietor/Partner of M/s. ………………. (complete address) hereby declare that the particulars given in the application are correct. In case any of the statement/information furnished in the application/documents later found to be wrong or incorrect or misleading, I do hereby bind myself and my unit to pay to the Government on demand the full amount received as reimbursement in respect of above mentioned activity, within seven days of the demand being made to me in writing.

    Name and Signature of Managing Director/
    Director/Proprietor/Partner of SSI unit.
    (Full Name)

    The copy of SSI Registration, ISO-Certification must be attested by any one of the followings:
    (1)GM (DIC) or (2) Director, SISI of the Region or (3) Chartered Accountant (with name of the signatory, CA Stamp, and CA Membership No.)