The fifith Laghu Udyammi Sammellan was held in Phillaur, on 28/12/2018. LUB Punjab Working Committee (PWC) was also held there on the same day, prior to Laghu Udyammi Sammellan.

Following LUB-PWC members were present there: 1. Er.Sh.Vinod Jain, 2. Adv. Arvind Dhumal, 3. Sh.Vijay Talwar, 4. Sh.Chander Shekhar Gupta, 5. Sh.Ashok Gupta, 6. Sh.Samir Khanna, 7. Sh.Rishi Arora, 8. Sh.Vishal Dada, 9.Sh.Vinesh Shukla, 10.Sh.Amit Goyal, 11. Sh.Ashok Sethi, 12. Sh.Surinder Dhall, 13. Sh.Rajiv Jain, 14. Sh.Amit Kapur, 15. Sh.Puneet Dhingra, 16. Sh.Parminder Raja, 17. Sh.Darshan Singh Sambih, 18. Sh.Ashwani Malhotra.

LUB Punjab working committee meeting was presided over by LUB-Punjab President Adv. Arvind Dhumal. Past National President and prabhari LUB-North-West Er.Sh. Vinod ji Jain was specifically present in this meeting.

The meeting started as per Agenda, in the following manner: 1. LUB-PWC members were welcomed by LUB-Punjab Gen. Sec. Sh. Samir Khanna; 2. Floral Tributes were paid to Bhaarat-Maata; 3. National Song Vande-Maataram was sung; 4. The progress of ongoing Laghu-Udyammi-Sammellans in Punjab was discussed.

Sh. Ashok ji Gupta (Prabhari Hoshiarpur, Phagwara, Goraya & Phillaur) said that:
a) Phagwara Sammellan would be organised on 14th of Janauary, 2019;
b) The date of Hoshiarpur sammellan would be make known very soon in consultation with the unit (Sh. Amit Goyal – Gen.Sec.LUB-Hoshiarpur too echoed same sentiments); 
c) The date of Goraya Sammellan too would be make known very soon in consultation with Goraya unit; &
d) Phillaur Sammellan is being organised there and then on 28/12/2018.

Sh. Vijay Talwar (Prabhari Jalandhr, Amritsar, Batala and Sultanpur-Kapurthala) said that:
a) Sammellan at Batala has already been organised on 20/10/2018;
b) Sammellan at Amritsar was organised on 26/11/2018;
c) State level sammellan would be organised on 24/02/2019; and 
d) The date of Sultanpur/Kapurthala meetings would be make known very soon.

Sh. Surinder Dhall and Sh.Rajiv Jain said that, the Ludhiana sammellan date will also be make known very soon.

Sh.Puneet Dhingra said that, Malerkotla sammellan date too will be let known to all, after consultation with local unit.

Sh. S. D. Bharat (prabhari Mohali, Dera-Bassi, Sirhind, Mandi-Govindgarh & Patiala) not being present (owing to last ritual-rites of the respected father of Late Sh. Arun ji Ralhan VP LUB-Punjab), the detail pertaining to these units was given by Sh. Samir ji Khanna :
a) Sammellan at Dera-Bassi was organised on 29/09/2018; 
b) Sammellan at Sirhind was organised on 29/09/2018;
c) Date of Mohali Sammellan is awaited;
d) Date of Mandi-Govindgarh sammellan is also awaited;
e) Date of Patiala Sammellan is also awaited.

5. PWC members were requested to follow-up the membership drive process with their respective units, so that, the targets could be achieved. 

6. PWC members too were requested to kindly expedite the process of fund collection for National Building-Fund from those units which have not contributed any thing so-far.

 Following units have made some contributions;

a)  Amritsar        —   (much less than what was promised and expected)   —-     Prabhari Sh.Vijay Talwar;

b)  Batala             —     ( less than expected)                                               —-     ————— do —————-;
c)  Jalandhar       —    (Near to set targets)                                                —-      ————– do ————-;
d)  Sultanpur/
     Kapurthala     —    (Nothing so far, convener unit)                                   —-       ————- do ————;

e)  Taran Taaran —     ( ————– do ——————-)                                    —-       ————– do ———–;

f)   Hoshiarpur    —     ( Only President & Gen.Sec. has contributed)          —-      —–do—– Sh.Ashok Gupta;
g)  Phagwara       —    (much less than what was promised & expected)      —       ————– do —————–;
h) Goraya             —     (Nothing so far)                                                       —-      ————– do —————;
i)  Phillaur           —      (less than expected)                                                —       ————- do —————;
j)  Ludhiana        —     (too much below than expectations & set targets)     —       — do — Sh.Lalit Sharma;
k) Malerkotla      —     (Nothing so far)                                                      —-       ————— do —————;
l)  M’ Govindgarh —      (—- do ———-)                                                       —-       — do — Sh.SD Bharat & Dr.Raghubir Suri;

m) Sirhind            —       (—- do ——— )                                                      —-        ————————— do ————————-;
n)  Patiala             —       (—- do ———)                                                        —-        —— do ————–;
o)  Dera-Bassi       —       (——– do —–, as unit is newly formed)                   —-        —— do ————–;

p)  Mohali             —        (—— do ——)                                                         —-        —— do ————–;
q)  Samrala           —        ( —– do ——, convener unit)                                   —-        — do —- Dr.Raghubir Suri;
r)  Ferozepur        —        ( —— do ————————–)                                   —-        Unit was formed with the efforts of  Sh.Dinesh ji Lakra;

s) Nabha/samaana —       ( ——- do ————————-)                                    —-       Sh.Vinod ji Jain is looking after this units;

t)  Sunam              —       ( ——– do ————————)                                    —-        ———- do ———— ;

7. Adv. Arvind Dhumal informed that. an LUB delegation consisting of following LUB-delegates went to ESIC head-quarters in New Delhi for giving suggestions for the initiative of ESIC for the proposed trial-run of Dhanvantari Mobile App & condition of ESIC facilities in Punjab by Sh.Dinesh ji Lakra:

1. Sh.Dinesh Lakra (Member ESIC)  —  Ludhiana (Punjab)      —   National Secretary, Prabhari LUB-Punjab & Chandigarh;
2. Adv.Arvind Dhumal                       —   Jalandhar (Punjab)     —   President LUB-Punjab;
3. Sh.Anil Sharma                           —   Dera-bassi (Punjab)   —   President LUB Dera-Bassi;
4. Sh.Suresh Gupta                         —   ——-do—————–    —   Treasurer ——do———;
5. Sh.Rakesh Aggarwal                    —   Chandigarh               —   VP LUB-Chandigarh;
6. Sh.NP Kaushik                            —    Baddi (HP)              —   Senior-VP LUB-HP;
7. Sh.Kashmir Singh Thakur             —    ——–do—-               —   Convenor ESIC & PF Cell LUB-Baddi; &
8. Sh.Amit Aggarwal                        —     Delhi                       —    Executive-Member LUB-Delhi.

(All the details with regard to this meeting have already been sent to the esteemed LUB-Punjab executive committee members via e-mail on 20th of December, 2019).
Sh.Puneet Dhingra narrated the ordeal he had to undergo when one of his employee got injured in the following manner:

“We have not received any refund of accident case of Baljinder Singh. Details are as under:- 
Employee Name – Mr Baljinder Singh S/o Nazar Singh , Dob – 01.06.1968 
Address- Vill. Chhokran  Tehsil- Malerkotla, Dist Sangrur  ESI Insurance No. 1214401558,Addhar No. 469675579060

Employer Name:- M/s India Factory, C-5 & 6, Industrial Estate, Malerkotla Empl Code No. 12000385430000503
Accident Date:- 06.09.2017 Time:- 03.50 PM ( Approx. )
Location of Injury- Injury of face ( Above Nose ) and other Minor Injuries.
First he was admitted in Civil Hospital Malerkotla, Admission No. 12359 Dt. 06.09.2017, after two hours  Civil Hospital Malerkotla referred him to ESI Hospital Ludhiana – Admission / Ref. No. 24 Dt. 06.09.2017.We submitted accident report to ESI Office Malerkotla on Dt. 07.09.2017.It was two types of injury – First was on Nose and second on Fore-head. Then after one night in ESI Hospital, at night patient was referred to CMS Hospital Ludhina by Dr. Anu . CMS Admission No. C7767348 Dt. 07.09.2017.All reports checked by CMS Dr. Samir Gandhi said that we were covered only Nose Injury, and we will do only nose treatment. And Dr. Samir Gandhu has referred to Oswal  Hospital ,because Oswal was covered foot head injury in ESI after all this. We had admitted our patient in DMC Hospital Ludhiana. Admission No. 2017050963.

Total Expenses of DMS = Rs. 80346/-
Other Medical Expenses = Rs. 55000/-“

Er.Sh.Vinod Jain and Adv. Arvind Dhumal, assured that, this case would be sent with minutes of meeting to Head-office (with cc to Sh.Dinesh Lakra, ESIC member). They also requested other PWC members to send their problems related to ESIC to Sh.Dinesh Lakra, and also to LUB-Punjab, so that, they too could be brought to the notice of concerned authorities.9. In the open discussion, Sh.Vijay Talwar wanted a full-fledged working office (with duly paid full time worker) for LUB-Punjab, & a common mechanism for the opening of accounts for units, & expenses to be incurred there, where one individual is unduly made to pay from his/her pocket & other exploits situation for his/her individual benefits. Er.Sh.Vinod Jain agreed with this suggestion & said that, a committee of 4/5 experienced LUB-PWC members be formed, which should be monitoring these matters.

Er.Sh.Vinod Jain commended the efforts of LUB-Phillaur unit for hosting the second LUB-PWC meeting (first was at Jalandhar, on 1st of September, 2018, detail of which was sent to all on 6th of September, 2018, via e-mail)

Meeting culminated with lunch !!

Laghu Udyammi Sammellan in Phillaur on 28/12/2018

Fifth Laghu Udyammi Sammellan was organised (immediately after the LUB-PWC meeting at the same venue, hotel Stella — Gorayaa). Phillaur has 35 life-members, while more than 50 people participated in it (especially women MSME representatives). President Municipal Council Phillaur Mr.Goyal was specifically present, & was given respectful place on the dias. 

LUB-Phillaur President Sh.Darshan Singh Sambih welcomed all the LUB-Phillaur members, representatives of MSMEs (from Goraya too), women representatives and LUB-Punjab office bearers. He then invited LUB-Punjab Gen.Sec.Sh.Samir Khanna to take the proceedings further. Sh.Samir Khanna requested the dignitaries on the dias, to start the sammellan preceedings by paying floral tributes to bhaarat-maata, which they all duly did, and national song vande-maataram was sung! 

Sh.Samir Khanna congratulated LUB-Phillaur for the successful conduction of fifth Laghu Udyammi Sammellan of LUB-Punjab. He then invited LUB-Punjab senior VP Sh.Ashok ji Gupta to enlighten the members present about the new industrial policy of Punjab Govt. Sh.Ashok Gupta threw light on some of the following salient features of this industrial policy, particularly about the benefits of: 

i)  MSME Samaadhaan portal; 
ii) Cluster Development Scheme; &iii) Common Facility Centres, etc.

Sh.Samir Khanna thanked Sh.Ashok Gupta for making aware Phillaur LUB-members & MSME representatives about such beneficial schemes of new industrial policy!
He then invited LUB-Phillaur President Sh.Darshan Singh Sambih to inform about the activities of LUB-Phillaur. Sh.Sambih ji narrated the efforts of LUB-Phillaur unit in getting declared industrial area of Phillaur in the proposed GLADA plan, & the assistance & guidance extended by LUB-Punjab in this regard, from time to time including its follow-up with the concerned ministers & govt.officials. He said that, pollution matters & electricity matters too are being taken care of with the able guidance of LUB-Punjab and Convener National power committee LUB Sh.Vijay ji Talwar, who is also LUB-Punjab VP. He appealed Phillaur MSME representatives to join LUB, so that, the problems of MSMEs could be forcefully raised & got solved effectively with the strength of organisation. Some MSME representatives expressed the desire of joining LUB there and then, which Sh.Sambih welcomed!

Sh.Samir Khanna lauded the efforts of  Sh.Darshan Singh Sambih, LUB-Philaur Gen.Sec.Sh.Ashwani Malhotra , Sh.Parminder Raja & other unit office-bearers & active members for their sincere efforts towards the Phillaur MSMEs.

He then invited Sh.Vijay Talwar to speak. He advised members to reduce their electricity contract demands, to get reduced bills. He said that, up to 20 kw there are no MMC (Monthly Minimum charges), & rate is 4.99/unit. He also informed that, the pan-Indian electricity complaint number is 1912.
Sh.Samir Khanna thanked Sh.Vijay Talwar & told Phillaur members, that, for any clarity on electricity matters, they can call him any time.
He then invited LUB-Punjab President Adv.Arvind Dhumal to address the Phillaur LUB-members and MSME representatives. He also congratulated LUB-Phillaur for the conduction of Laghu Udyammi Sammellan, and requested members to increase their numerical strength, by enrolling new members, so that, the voice of hapless MSMEs could more effectively be raised by LUB, & no govt.would be able to ignore MSMEs interests!

Then Er.Sh.Vinod Jain was invited to speak. He said that, for any guidance with regard to labour, electricity, pollution & GST matters, members can directly call Sh.Ashok Gupta, Sh.Vijay Talwar, Sh.DInesh Lakra, Sh.Lalit Sharma, Sh.SD Bharat, & also send their suggestions, problems via e-mail to LUB-Punjab, so that, they could be raised at concerned forums. He also told members that, they can go to Udyog Bhawan Chandigarh & meet Udyog Sahaayak Sh.Vishvabandhu ji by giving the reference of LUB.
He appreciated the efforts of LUB-Phillaur team for getting solved difficult problem of GLADA plan!
Sh.Ashwani Malhotra Gen.Sec.LUB-Phillaur paid the vote of thanks, & invited all for the high-teas !
Laghu Udyammi Sammellan culminated !

News Courtesy,
President, Laghu Udyog Bharti – Punjab.

Laghu Udyammi Sammellan held in Phillaur, 28.12.2018 : Photos

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