We are glad to share the minutes of the monthly meeting of LUB-Jalandhar unit, held at Sarb Multiplex, on 24th November 2017 (sent by LUB-Jalandhr General Secretory Vivek Rathour). The meeting was presided over by LUB-Jalandhar president Sh. Harish Gupta. Past president & now patron LUB-Jalandhar Sh. Satya Paul Sharma was specifically present in the meeting. Around 50 members attended this meeting.

This meeting was an open house discussion. in which members shared their views and talked about present business scenario. Members discussed the business policies of National and State government. Members stated the difficulties in filing of returns on GST web portal. They said that, GST portal is hung most of the time, site usually crashes during the prescribed dates mentioned in GST Act, and even during online tax payment of GST, people are facing lot of problems. Frequent changes in GST format is another cause of concern.

Members also complained that, after the implementation of GST, prices of many commodities went up instead of coming down, as claimed earlier by the Government. MSME sector is most affected by GST, due to lack of knowledge of internet and computer. No doubt, composition scheme limit has been enhanced to Rs1.5 crore (due to the relentless efforts of LUB at National level), still this sector is feeling helpless and scared about certain penalty provisions under GST Act.

Economic slowdown, lower demand, tightness of money market, higher lending rates are the few issues worrying to all.

Members in the meeting also demanded that, VAT refund files be cleared faster, as promised by the present state government, before state elections. They also wanted state government’s clarification on availability of electricity at Rs.5 per unit to the industry, a poll promise by present state government. Strong resentment was there among all members about PSPCL move to charge tariff hike difference with retrograde effect, from the month of April. In addition to these, fixed charges issue by PSPCL too was opposed by all.

Sh. Ajit Goswmi, senior technical expert, gave a short lecture on Time Management. He said that, time is the most important aspect which we Indians are not realizing and this is why we are behind from advanced countries. 90% industry is not serious about time commitment. When we are in right time, we do gain in our business standards and time wastage is simply money wastage. MNCs in India, often complain about lack of time strategy in Indian business. He said that, top level management shouldn’t waste its time in production issues, rather its a job of Middle management and let them do the work. Where Top management is directly involved with lower management, things usually are in bad shape, as both levels can’t understands each other, resulting in time wastage, production wastage and monetary losses. Concerns where Middle level management is answerable to Top level and responsible to get work done by Lower level is always on right track, because, in this system, every level is involved, answerable and responsible, resulting into more efficiency, lowering in cost of production and adding more profits, and this is all what Time Management says.

Sh. Ajit Goswmi thanked LUB Jalandhar unit for giving him time and said LUB Jalandhar is like his family, and he is always available, free of cost, for his expert advice and technical guidance to all LUB-Jalandhar members, when ever needed.

Vote of thanks was given by Past President, now Patronn of LUB-Jalandhar Sh. Satya Paul Sharma. He thanked all the members for their presence in the meeting. He also appreciated Sh. Goswmi’s views, and expresses his worry on present climatic, environmental conditions. Whole North India was deeply affected by Smog and Pollution. Schools were shut down and people were warned not to move outside till situation gets better. He said its our duty not to play with the nature and environment. We must make our planet green by planting more trees, avoid chemicals and gases which harm our nature otherwise it be hard for our next generations to live in.

News Courtesy,
President, Laghu Udyog Bharti – Punjab.


Monthly Meeting of LUB-Jalandhar – 24th Nov 2017: Photos

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