The regular monthly meeting of LUB-Jalandhar was held on 18th May 2018. It was presided over by LUB-Jalandhar President Sh. Harish Gupta. Following are the minutes of this meeting, sent by LUB-Jalandhar Gen.Sec.Sh. Vivek Rathour. Meeting held at Hotel President on 18th May 2018 at 7:00 pm onwards. Around 60 members were present in this monthly meeting.

Special invitees were:
1.Sh. Ashwani Victor Patron LUB Jal unit. He is a member DAWA (Doaba Airport Development Authority) is managing M/S Victor Drop Forge, which is an export house dealing mainly in hand tools.
2.Sh. Opinder Singh Regional Deputy Director EEPC (Engineering & Export Council).
As per our custom, guests paid floral tributes to Bharat Mata picture !

Sh. Harish Gupta welcomed the Guests and said LUB-Jalandhar was honoured to have these dignitaries as special guests. Adampur Airport is the second largest military airbase of India. It lies within 100 kms of Indo-Pak Border. Adampur Air Force Station, Jalandhar is very old base station. The air base played a crucial roles in all  the Indo-Pak wars in 1965,1971 and also during 1999 Kargil conflict. Due to this reason this base station is prominent for defense and security purpose hurdling for civil air base for a quite long time.

Sh. Ashwani Victor said efforts for Adampur Airport establishment in Doaba region was going on long time back but real credit goes to Sh. Vijay Sampla, Minister of State for Social Justice and  Empowerment. Under his guidance, a society was formed and got itself registered under the name DAWA ( Doaba Airport Welfare Association) which demanded that, it be made open for civilian flights. He informed that, in the first meeting of DAWA, held in this hotel in May 2015, LUB Jalandhar-unit working committee members were present along with other industrial associations, & gave full support to DAWA to go ahead with their demand for starting ciivil flights from Adampur Airport, in Jalandhar district.

Sh. Sampla arranged meetings , first with the home ministry, Sh. Rajnath Singh, later with the then Defence minister Sh. Manohar Parikkar & the then Civil Aviation minister Sh. Gajapathi Raju, for it’s clearing certificate. With the joint efforts and support from industry, educational institutes and other social organisations, all objections/ hurdles were removed. Prime Minister’s UDAN -RCS scheme also helped a lot. 

UDAN means Ude Desk ka Aam Naagrik and RCS means Regional Connectivity Scheme, which aims to make air travel  affordable, boosts economic development, job growth and air transport infrastructure development all over India.  With in  short spam of time, everything was cleared by the concerned departments and all credit of this goes to Sh. Ashwani VictorDAWA member. Now with the opening of airport for civil flights, regular flights are going to various national airports benefiting  public and also NRI’s, as Doaba-belt is known as NRI belt in Punjab, as it is said at-least one member from every family is working/ settled abroad.

He informed that, very soon Jalandhar will be having its own Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), and with this, our industry specially nickel and chrome plating industry will not have to send its polluted/ contaminated/ industrial waste water outside the city for it’s treatment. He also talked about his future plan that, he wish to work for Clean n Green Jalandhar and also invited LUB Jalandhar-unit for its whole-hearted support in this social cause. 

Sh. Opinder Singh also discussed many govt. policies related to export promotion of India. He informed that, set up in 1955, EEPC India now has a membership base of over 12,000, out of which 60% are MSMEs. It is the premier trade and investment promotion organization in India. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. EEPC India organizes a large number of promotional activities such as, buyer-seller meets(BSM) – both in India & overseas trade fairs exhibitions. It also organizes India Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS), the largest display of engineering products and services every year. He assured the members for his help in exporting goods to trustworthy nations & buyers. He told that, today Make in India brand is a trusted brand in all over the world. Indian products are acceptable everywhere and demand for the same is increasing regularly, but due to lack of knowledge, Indian manufacturers are unable to tap this foreign market. EEPC is trying to act as a link/ bridge between foreign buyer and Indian manufacturer. Our Govt. indeed is doing it’s best by running various schemes, giving incentives and subsidies for the sale of Indian manufactured products outside India. He hoped that, the way our new generation is entering in this field, very soon all the Govt efforts will become fruitful to the export industry and our export figures will be increasing many folds.

The vote of thanks was given by Sh. Manohar Dhawan. He appreciated the hard work done by DAWA members and also assured Sh. Ashwani Victor that LUB Jalandhar-unit will always support it for the betterment of MSMEs in particular & our society & nation in general. He also said Sh. Opinder Singh is a master in his subject. His positive approach and friendly nature make him acceptable in the industry. He urged members that, anyone willing to export his items or to get an update regarding the export matter, EEPC office in Jalandhar is the right place to get the guidance.

News Courtesy,
President, Laghu Udyog Bharti – Punjab.

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