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Testing Center - Existing Unit

Application for claiming one time Central grant-in-aid under the scheme of setting up Testing Laboratories/Centres by the Industries Associations.
(To be submitted through Director of Industries of State Govt.) The Development Commissioner (SSI). of SSI & ARI Govt. of India 7TH Floor, Nirman Bhawan New Delhi-110011.
Sub: Grant of Central assistance for setting up of Testing Centers by Industries Associations & Modernisation/Expansion of Quality Marking Centers of State Governments and their autonomous bodies.
We intend to set up a Testing Laboratory/ Centre at………… to provide facilities for testing of raw materials/ components and of finished products for the benefit of industries and hereby apply for the sanction of one time Central grant-in-aid under the above mentioned scheme. Necessary particulars of the Testing Centre as reflected in the project document are given below:

Name of Testing Centre and address, Telephone No., Fax No., E. Mail etc.

Whether registered under the Societies Registration Act, if so the Registration No. and date

(Enclose photocopy of Registration Certificate; Annual Report and Annual Accounts.)

Details of cost incurred/ to be incurred in setting up the Testing Centre

Land Building Furniture/fixtures Testing machinery/equipment Accreditation fee Contingencies (Copies of vouchers and a Certificate from Chartered Accountant verifying the cost of fixed assets purchased, photo copies of the bills of testing machinery & equipment to be attached) Source of financing:Bank Borrowing Own resources Others (to be specified) Whether any assistance in the form of grant in aid availed from State/Central Govt. If so, details thereof. Also enclose Utilisation Certificate towards the Grant-in-aid received from the Central Govt. in the GFR-19 A form. The details of the proposed phase wise procurement of testing machines and equipment's indicating their cost. Details of proposal for the matching contribution to be made by the applicant towards the procurement of testing equipment's and machines indicating their cost. Amount of Central grant-in-aid claimed (50% of the cost of testing machinery & equipment restricted to Rs. 50 lakhs)

Place :
Date :
Signature of Authorised signatory


We do hereby undertake that the ……………………… (Name of the Association) ………………………… will not dispose off any of the Assets created out of the grant-in-aid received from the Central Govt., without its written permission. In case the Association fail to abide by this condition, necessary proceedings to recover the grant as land revenue will be initiated against the Association and its office bearers.

Authorised Signatory

For on behalf of ………………………… (Name of the Association)

(For use in the Office of Commissioner & Director of Industries, Govt. of ……)

…………… Dated …………

I have verified the facts stated in the application above, and recommend release of grant –in-aid.

Director of Industries

Forwarded to Development Commissioner(SSI) Ministry of SSI & ARI Govt. of India br 7TH Floor , Nirman Bhawan New Delhi-110011 Fax No. 3017277

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