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Employees Training Assistance

1. What basic training is required for setting up an enterprise?

Basic training differs from product to product but will necessary involve sharpening of entrepreneurial skills. Need based technical training is provided by the Govt. & State Govt. technical Institutions.

2. What are the other types of training relevant for a new entrepreneur?

One can acquire entrepreneurial skills by under going Entrepreneurial Development Programme and Management Development programme.

3. What is the duration of such courses?

These are short-term courses of 2 week's to 4 week's duration.

4. Which are the agencies providing such training?

There are a number of Government organisations as well as NGOs who conduct EDPs and MDPs. These EDPs and MDPs and are conducted by MSME's, NIESBUD, NSIC, IIE, NISIET, Entrepreneurship Development Institutes and other state government developmental agencies.

5. Is different type of training available for different categories of entrepreneurs?

Need based training courses are available for different categories of entrepreneurs. For example, Central Footwear Training Institute's provide training for footwear. Tool Room and Tool Design Institutes provide training in Engineering Industry. Likewise other technical training is provided by various institutions of centre and state govt.

6. Are there any preferential criteria for imparting training?

An entrepreneur desirous of setting up of enterprises or his representative is preferred for attending these training programmes which are offered on a nominal fee. However, there is no fee charged for imparting training for the entrepreneurs of NE region. Moreover, preference is accorded to weaker sections such as SC/ST, Women, Ex-servicemen. and Physically handicapped persons.

7. Are there any short terms courses available?

Short term technical training courses are conducted by SISIs and other technical institutions, which vary from 3 to 6 months of duration depending on nature of training. In addition, short-term training programmes for managers & supervisors are also conducted by MSME's to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

8. Does any agency give on the spot training for installation and commissioning of equipment?

Normally the suppliers of machinery & equipment provide on the spot training as well as facilities on the spot for installation and commissioning of equipment. However, SISIs also assist the entrepreneurs for installation and commissioning of machinery equipment at their premises.

9. Is there any agency providing training for skill upgradation?

Skill development/upgradation courses are offered by SISIs, NSIC, PPDCs etc. in different disciplines to skilled workers engaged in the micro, small and medium enterprises with a view to equip them with better and improved technologies of production.

10. Which are the organisations providing training to improve management of an enterprise?

SISIs, Management Development Institute's, NPC, NSIC etc. offer Management Development Programmes for acquiring knowledge about the different aspects of the management required for an operation of industry. Short-term courses of two to four weeks are available on Production Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Export Management, Export Procedure & Documentation, Packaging for Exports, Cost Reduction, Material Management etc.

11. Are there institutions providing consultancy for development or setting up of project?

SISIs, DICs and State industrial development corporations can provide consultancy for development or setting up of project. Suitable technologies are also offered by CSIR Laboratories, PPDC's, NRDCs, R&D institutions also offer consultancy at nominal charges.

12. What kind of consultancy is offered by these agencies?

The consultancy provided by these institutions includes identification of suitable product, market, technologies, Raw Materials, production method, regulatory requirement etc. In fact any problem can be addressed by these institutions for setting up or running of the enterprise.

13. Which agencies provide information on plant and machinery, raw materials and other equipments?

SISIs, DIC, CSIR Laboratories, PPDC's, NRDC, R&D institutions etc. provide information on plant and machinery, raw materials and other equipments.

14. How does one tackle pollution control needs of the project?

In case your product is covered under the list of the polluting industries as defined by the state government, it will be necessary to get specific clearance from the state Pollution Control Board/Committees. Pollution control equipments/measures will have to be installed by the enterprise as per need. Such polluting enterprises can only be set up in the designated industrial areas or locations and may have to link up with the common affluent treatment facility, if available in the area.

15. Which institutions provide details of pollution control requirements?

Pollution control board/ Committees and State Directorate of industries provide details of pollution control requirements. SISIs, and DICs also help in understanding of pollution needs.

16. Does any agency provide training in pollution control?

MSME's provide training in pollution control for different type of industries as per their local needs. Pollution Control Boards & Ministry of Environment also support training efforts.