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Vision & Mission

Vision / Mission of Laghu Udyog Bharati

  • To encourage entrepreneurship with self employment.
  • Overall sustainable growth of Micro & Small Industries resulting in sustainable growth of country.
  • To operate the industry as a family having owner, worker, customer & supplier as member of this family.
  • To enhance gainful employment, so that each one should get decent standard of living.
  • To maintain a sustained growth in productivity with quality at competitiveness
  • To promote indigenous technology in & by the Micro & Small industry
  • To encourage research & development activity in Micro & Small industry
  • To encourage setting up of Micro & Small industry for utilization of available natural resources
  • To operate Micro & Small industry in eco friendly manner
  • Decentralization of manufacturing activity through ancillarization, cluster formation, to counter the economic imbalance
  • To attain international competitiveness
  • To enhance capacity building of human resources through skill